About Us


AM2F Energy is a U.S. Company specializing in proprietary energy and petrochemical applications. We supply proppants, lubricants, viscosifiers and other chemicals essential in oil and gas production. Our objective is to serve the oil and gas industry by providing cutting-edge technology to our customers through our superior products, some of which can be found only at AM2F Energy.

AM2F Energy provides a range of products to the oilfield industry:


    • Viscosifiers
    • Lubricants
    • Inhibitors

Hydraulic Fracturing

    • Proppants
    • Gelling Agents
    • Misc. Chemicals

Coiled Tubing

    • Gel Sweep
    • Specialty Lubricants

Oil/Gas Refining

    • Catalyst Support Media
    • Tower Internal Ceramics
    • Ion Exchange Resin

At AM2F Energy, the focus is on you, our customer, and meeting your individualized needs. We manufacture and supply only the highest quality materials for drilling and fracking your wells.


AM2F Energy is involved in the production and distribution of ceramic proppant products with a full range of product offerings including ceramic proppant (both clay and bauxite based), resin coated ceramic proppant and the next generation light weight proppant.  AM2F Energy and our strategic partners service all the major shale plays throughout North and South America. We also provide specialty oilfield chemicals including gelling agents, guar and our exlusive guar alternative, EXCELOGEL, frac fluid additives, drilling fluid additives, viscosifiers, weighting agents, lubricants, and various inhibitors.

AM2F Energy has its own manufacturing and lab testing facility in China. Our well-proven track record of supplying consistent quality proppant products, materials and processing technology, the presence of our own people on-site, and our extensive network of resources and suppliers in China afford us a huge advantage in this market.