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Product GroupProductDescription
ViscosifiersDRILLOGELsynthetic polymer compound emulsion viscosifier
PAC (Polyanionic Cellulose)polyanionic cellulose (HV/LV)
HEChydroxyethyl cellulose
CMC (Carboxymethyl Cellulose)Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Xanthan Gumxanthan gum powder
Bentonite Extenderpartially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide, viscosifier/friction reducer/shale inhibitor
Drill out/SweepDRILLOGELsynthetic polymer compound emulsion viscosifier(completion fluid)
LubricantsEXCELOBEADstyrene-DVB copolymer bead
EXCELOLUBEester-based liquid lubricant
Friction Reducer EXCELOSLICKmulti-component "oil free" and PHPA based mineral oil slurry friction reducer
EXCELOGLIDEproprietary mixture of liquid lubricant and
copolymer beads for solid bearing lubrication
Shale InhibitorKCL Substituteliquid KCL substitute
Choline Chlorideenvironmentally friendly clay stabilizer used to reduce swelling in clay
Sulfonated Gilsonitesulfonated gilsonite powder
Lost Circulation MaterialsEXCELOPLUGsolid polymer plug
EXCELOSEALfast acting polymer LCL
OBM- Oil Based Mud AdditivesPrimary Emulsifierprimary emulsifier to produce water-in-oil emulsion
Secondary Emulsifiersecondary emulsifier to be used in conjunction with the primary emulsifier
Organophilic Clay
organic bentonite to be used as viscosifier in OBM

Product GroupProductDescription
Proppant Intermediate Strength ProppantBauxite based ceramic proppant
Lightweight Strength Proppantlightweight ceramic proppant
Resin Coated Ceramic Proppantresin coated ceramic proppant
Gelling AgentEXCELOGEL (Guar replacement)synthetic guar replacement polymer compound
Fast Hydration Guarfast hydration guar
Hydroxypropyl Guarhydroxypropyl guar
CMHPGcarboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar
Gelling Agent Related ChemicalsCrosslinkerzirconium crosslinker for EXCELOGEL
Delayercrosslinking delayer to control crosslinking time
‎Encapsulated Gel Breakerencapsulated APS to control breaking time (not for North American market)
Miscellaneous Corrosion Inhibitor
alkyl pyridine quaternary ammonium salt based corrosion inhibitor
penetration rates as compared to the barite alone
Cenospheredecreases the slurry density without increasing the water content

Product GroupProductDescription
Catalyst Support MediaHigh Alumina MediaInert, inactive and strong ceramic media with
no hindrance to the catalytic reaction
Medium Alumina Media
Low Alumina Media
Tower Internal CeramicsRasching RingTower packing ceramics with various shapes, sizes and
Cross Partition Ring
Pall Ring
Super Saddle
Structured Tower
Ion Exchange ResinStrong Acid CationWater treatment, decolorization, demineralization
Strong Base Anion
Weak Base Anion

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