Bentonite Extender

AM2F Energy Bentonite Extender is used with water-based drilling fluids. It has a shear-thinning property that exhibits high lift capacity and low shear rate, maximixing the drill rate.


AM2F Bentonite Extender is used in in freshwater, seawater, high brine water and solids free brine systems. It acts as a viscosity agent, fluid loss controller, bentonite extender, encapsulator, bore-hole stabilizer and flocculation agent.


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AppearanceSolid white powder
Ionic CharacterAnionic
Degree of Hydrolysis25 - 30
Molecular Weight(18 - 20) million
Approx. Bulk Density(600 - 750) kg/m3
Viscosity (cps) @ 1g/L solution120 - 135
Solid Content (%)90%
pH3.5 - 6.5
Dissolution time (minutes) in water @ 5g/1.25˚C20 -30