Choline Chloride

AM2F Energy Choline Chloride is a clay stabilizer used to reduce swelling in clay containing formation leading to lower drilling cost and improved production. It reduces fines migration and helps stabilize the wellbore. It is a more environmentally friendly alternative than the KCL, as it is biodegradable and reduces the chloride amounts released into the environment.
AM2F Energy Choline Chloride has superior performance while using lower amounts. It is suitable for use in all environments and works well with most fracturing fluids, cross-linkers, and breakers.


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Choline Chloride Content (%)≥ 70
Ethylene Glycol (%)
≤ 0.5
Ash (%)
≤ 0.20
pH6.0 – 8.0
Heavy metals as Pb (%)
≤ 0.002
TMA residue (PPM)
≤ 300