DRILLOGEL vs. Liquid Xanthan comparison.

AM2F DRILLOGEL is a synthetic polymer thickening agent based on a proprietary copolymer compound. AM2F DRILLOGEL is extremely efficient in increasing the viscosity of water-based drilling mud and/or completion fluid for frac plug drill out to clean and sweep thoroughly. DRILLOGEL has the following advantages :

  • Easy handling without dusting and/or fisheye
  • High yield point for highly effective cuttings removal
  • Fast dissolution and hydration
  • Highly stable and resistant to thermal degradation
  • Can be broken down for low residue cleanup
  • Inherent drag/friction reduction capability


 DRILLOGEL vs. Liquid Xanthan comparison.


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GradeGeneral Grade DG-H3High Brine Grade DG-SW
AppearanceBeige LiquidWhite Powder
Active Ingredient~ 35%100 %
Density8.0 ~ 8.4 lb / gal0.85 ~0.92 g / cm3