Emulsifier Products

AM2F Energy Emulsifier products are suitable for oil-mixed drilling fluid, oil base drilling fluid and W/O invert emulsion drilling fluid. AM2F Emulsifiers are compatible with other oil-based mud additives with minimal foaming and can be added directly to the system on the fly.

AM2F Primary Emulsifier is a zwitterionic surfactant with excellent surface activity to effectively decrease the surface tension of water and superior emulsification performance. AM2F Primary Emulsifier is effective at low concentrations with strong surface activity, emulsifying ability, thickening and extracting capability.

AM2F Secondary Emulsifier is a modified surfactant of grafted alkyl alcohols. AM2F Secondary Emulsifier has the excellent activation and auxiliary effect on the primary emulsifier by improving the emulsion stability and emulsion breaking voltage of oil base drilling fluids. And it is highly effective at low concentration.

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AppearanceViscous liquidViscous liquid
Density0.8 - 1.0 g/cm30.9 - 1.1 g/cm3
Flash Point> 120 °C> 150 °C