Encapsulated (Delayed) Gel Breaker

Encapsulated Gel Breaker

AM2F Energy’s Delayed Gel Breaker can thoroughly break the gel, reduce the viscosity quickly, flow back easily and causes no damage to the formation.

The external encapsulation is impermeable, resistant to temperature, and allows a delayed break down of the gel polymer chains.

AM2F Energy’s Delayed Gel breaker decreases viscosity after the proppant placement which minimizes return of proppant and maximizes return of stimulation fluids to the surface.


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AppearanceLight yellow granule
Main IngredientsAmmonium Persulfate, min. 70%
Relative Density≥ 1.5
Apparent density (g/cm3)≥ 0.9-1.20
Melting pointbelow 50 °C