AM2F Energy EXCELOBEADS are free flowing, no toxic,
environmentally friendly, spherical beads, used as non-abrasive and
dust-free lubricant products for oil/gas drilling applications.
AM2F Energy EXCELOBEAD have hardness and spherical
nature, acting like tiny ball bearings that can be used in a variety of drilling
fluid as a lubricant, reducing the friction resistance between the drill, casing
and borehole wall, preventing damage and facilitating loss control.


  • DVB content (degree of cross-linking) and product size can be
  • adjusted upon customer request
  • Environmentally friendly, nontoxic additive
  • “Ball-bearing” function reduces friction
  • Compatible with wide range of drilling fluid systems

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AppearanceColorless Spheres
Chemical CompositionCopolymer of Styrene and Divinylbenzene
Softening Point ˚C≥ 200
Moisture %≤ 1
Density g/cm31.03 - 1.05
Bulk Density g/cm30.62 - 0.65
Sphericity %≥ 95
Expansion %2.7 - 3.15
Size mm0.1 - 2.0
DVB Content %6.5 - 8