AM2F Energy EXCELOGLIDE is a mixture of our EXCELOLUBE liquid lubricant and Styrene-DVB Copolymer Beads. These two products are combined together to produce synergy to lower the drag, torque, and friction problems in drilling, coiled tubing, workover, and completion applications.


  • AM2F Energy Styrene-DVB Copolymer Beads, reduce the friction resistance between the drill, casing and borehole wall, preventing damage and facilitating loss control via mechanical and solid lubrication.
  • Compatible for use in water-based and oil-based systems
  • Effective lubricant for torque and drag reduction
  • Will not adversely affect mud motors, MWD, or LWD tools
  • The EXCELOLUBE has a strong affinity for metal surfaces, which helps reduce friction between the work string and well bore.


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AppearanceAmber Paste
Density (g / cm3)0.95 ~ 1.05

(% Torque Reduction)
85.3 %

(1% dosage in 5% bentonite plus 4% NaCl mud)
Thermal Stability360˚F (180˚C)