Hematite used in the oilfieldAM2F Energy offers the highest quality hematite for use in the drilling process.  Using Hematite from AM2F Energy increases penetration rates as compared to drilling mud using barite alone because it creates a specific gravity 22% higher.  
In addition, drilling muds prepared with AM2F Energy Hematite (conductor) exhibit lower electrical stability readings compared to muds formulated with barite (nonconductor).


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Mica Iron Oxide Pigment
ColorSteel grey
Content of Fe2O3(max 93%)
Specific Gravity g/cm34.9 - 5.1
Size/Grains200 mesh - 600 mesh
Volatile (≤ %) 105°C0.8
Water Soluble (≤ %)0.5
Ph Value6-8
Oil Absorption (%)9 - 14
Sieve Residue (≤ %)0.5
Content of SiO2 (≤ %)3.2
Moisture (≤%) 0.5