Ion Exchange Resin

AMSAT provides various types of Ion Exchange Resins based on crosslinked
polystyrene substrate. Our Ion Exchange Resins are used in a variety of processes,
such as separation, purification and decontamination. In addition, macroporous
Ion Exchange Resins can act as decolorization agents, which absorb color
impurities with high efficiency.





DescriptionStrong acid cationStrong acid cationStrong acid cationStrong base anionStrong base anionWeak base anion
Ionic FormNa+Na+H+Cl-Cl-Free Base
Functional Groupsulfonic acidsulfonatesulfonic acidtrimethyl ammoniumtrimethyl ammoniumtertiary amine
Structuremacroporousgelmacroporousgel, type 1macroporousmacroporous
Uniformity Coefficient≤ 1.70≤ 1.90≤ 1.80≤ 1.60≤ 1.80≤ 1.80
Nominal Size Range0.60-0.85 mm0.60-0.80 mm0.60-0.85 mm0.60-0.80 mm0.65-0.80 mm0.60-0.80 mm
Packing Weight800 g/L840 g/L800 g/L670 g/L700 g/L670 g/L
Total Capacity≥ 1.70 eq/L≥ 2.0 eq/L≥ 1.80 eq/L≥ 1.20 eq/L≥ 1.00 eq/L≥ 1.25 eq/L
Volume ChangeNa+ → H+ ≤ 6%Na+ → H+ ≤ 11%Na+ → H+ ≤ 11%Cl- → OH- ≤ 30%Cl- → OH- ≤ 25%FB → Cl- ≤ 15%