Sulfonated Gilsonite

AM2F Energy Sulfonated Gilsonite drilling fluid additive is mainly used mainly as a shale inhibitor, reacting with shale to prevent sloughing and
swelling. In addition to stabilizing shale formation, it helps increase lubricity and prevents stuck drill pipe.

AM2F Sulfonated Gilsonite prevents excessive amounts of fluids from flowing from the whole into surrounding formation by depositing a thin
impervious filter cake on the wall.

AM2F Sulfonated Gilsonite can be used in water-based, oil-based and synthetic drilling muds.

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AppearanceBlack Powder
pH (1% Solution)8 ~ 9
SO3Na %
≥ 10.0
Water - soluble content %≥ 70.0
Oil - soluble content %≥ 25.0
HTHP Filtration ml/30min≤ 23.5
Plastic viscosity reducing rate %
≥ 45.0
Moisture %
≤ 8.0