EXCELOGEL&ProppantAM2F Energy EXCELOGEL frac gelling agent is a proprietary copolymer compound designed to substitute guar gum or guar derivatives for hydraulic fracturing fluid.

AM2F Energy EXCELOGEL exhibit rheological behavior comparable with guar
gum or guar derivatives with following advantages :

  • Easy preparation through fast hydration and dissolution without fisheye
  • Good shear stability, higher thermal resistance and salt tolerance than CMHPG
  • Good cross linking performance for excellent proppant loading capacity
  • Thorough and clean breakdown for lower formation damage than guar/CMHPG
  • Inherent drag reduction characteristics for easier pumping
  • Stable pricing over long period of time

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AppearanceWhite Powder
Content (%)> 95%
Size< 80 mesh
Dissolution Time< 3 mins.
pH Value6 ~ 8