Drilling Lubricants

Graphite-Coated Ceramic Beads

AM2F Energy Graphite-Coated Ceramic Beads are artificial, spherical ceramic beads, designed to yield high conductivity with the highest possible lubrication effect.  They reduce surface drag and torque via the coated graphite layer, preventing the abrasive surface of ceramic bead from contacting the pipe wall.

Styrene – DVB Coploymer Beads

AM2F Energy supplies Styrene –DVB Copolymer Beads for drilling lubrication.  The DVB content (degree of cross linking) and product size can be adjusted to meet your specifications.

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ProductChemical Composition
Graphite-Coated BeadsCeramic bead with graphite coating
Styrene-DVB Copolymer BeadsStyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer beads